Проверка домашнего персонала в Москве

Home stuff check

One of the most demanded services of private detectives is checking and gathering characterizing information about home stuff. These can be nanny, governess, tutor, housekeeper, nurse. 

It is very important to know who comes to your house ad spends the whole day with your child or elderly helpless relative. Children and elderly people often cannot explain what happens to them while you are away and they are with the a hired employee.

Many people want to be sure that nanny, governess of nurse posses positive characteristics, haven’t been prosecuted, are not apt to commit crimes and will treat your children and relatives well. As you trust a stranger the most precious thing – life and health of your child or an elderly relative. In order to have confidence and not to doubt or suspect use the help of a private detective who can use his professional skills to gather the objective information about the hired home stuff. This will help to avoid any negative consequences.

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