Частный детектив Москва

Private detective work

Private detective or private investigator is an individual doing detective work and providing detective and investigative services privately on a commercial basis.

Under the current Federal Law of the Russian Federation “Of private detective and security activities in Russian Federation” private detective/investigator has the right to provide the following detective services:

• gather information in civil cases on a contractual basis with stakeholders;

• market research, gathering of information for business partners;

• revealing insolvent or unreliable partners;

• establishing circumstances of misuse of business logos and names, unfair competition, as well as disclosure of information constituting commercial secret;

• learning biographical and other characterizing personality data on individual citizens;

• search for missing people;

• property search;

• gathering of information for criminal and civil proceedings with the consent of process participants;

• private and business investigations.

Restrictions on private detective activity

Under the current law private detectives are prohibited to:

• conceal from the law enforcement agencies the facts of crimes being planned, being committed or committed;

• pretend being a law enforcement officer;

• gather information about private life, political and religious convictions of individuals;

• record video or audio, photograph or film at the service or other places without written agreement of relevant officials or individuals;

• resort to actions encroaching rights and freedoms of citizens;

• take actions putting in jeopardy life, health, honour, dignity and property of citizens;

• falsify materials or mislead a client;

• disclose the information gathered about a customer, including the information relating to the issues of life and health protection and protection of customer’s property, use this information for any purpose contrary to the interests of the customer except the cases provided by the law of the Russian Federation;

• transfer the license to other people;

• use the documents and information obtained during operational and investigative activities by agencies authorized in this field of activity;

• obtain and use the information from special and information-analytical databases of the agencies carrying out operational and investigative activities in violation of the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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