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Частное детективное агентство Мосинформ предлагает услуги частных детективов в Москве, Калуге, Туле, Твери, Брянске, Курске, Липецке, Ростове на Дону, Краснодаре, Крыму, Луганске, Донецке.

Выявление фактов супружеской измены в Москве

Revealing adultery

Revealing facts of adultery. Why and when is there a need of such private detective service?    People married for a long time sometimes make mistakes. Adultery is not a common thing of marital relationship and can be classified not only like a mere mistake. Some people cheat unwillingly, some cheat due to some circumstances,…

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Визуальный контроль служебного транспорта

Surveillance of vehicles

Surveillance of commercial transport is a private detective service provided in order to determine the places of loading and unloading, parking and all movements of commercial transport.   This also helps to reveal the behavior and contacts of the driver during the trips, unauthorized stops, unloading and goods transportations. At the end of the detective…

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Розыск имущества

Search of property

Private detective agency “Mosinform” implements the following activities for property search: • search for property of debtors (individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses) that hide their property; • search for property of individuals and legal entities in order to ensure claims in civil and criminal cases; • investigative work on enforcement proceedings being carried out by the…

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Розыск людей частным детективом

Search of people

Under the current Federal Law 3 of the Russian Federation “Of private detective and security activities in Russian Federation” private detectives are allowed to search for missing people, people who are debtors in accordance with the executive document, their property, search for a child under the executive document containing the requirement to take away or…

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Услуги частного детектива в Москве

Private investigations

Our private detective agency makes private investigations. Our detectives work with civil and legal cases checking an alibi of suspected offenders, search of crime and offense witnesses, collection and legalization of evidence for investigative and judicial authorities and other situations. Moreover our detectives investigate insurance cases to learn all the circumstances of insurance cases, to…

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