Частное детективное агентство Москва

Detective and investigative services in Moscow

Private detective and investigation agency “Mosinform” is a company providing private investigations, searching, gathering and analysis of information. Our private detective and investigation agency was created by the law professionals, experienced detectives and investigators.

Private detective agency “Mosinform” meets any customer requests, provides professional detective and investigative services in searching and collecting of different information, business security, individual and business investigations, assistance in non-standard situations both in Russia and abroad. 

We have experience conducting the investigations of any complexity, solving various problems, international search or people, property, visual surveillance.

Our private detectives and investigators can help you with any problem within the range of services provided by our agency. All you have to do is to tell about your problem in any suitable way listed on our website in the section “Contacts”, and most problems will be solved.

The range of services provided by our detective agency can be found on our website in the section “Services”.

Our team of professionals composed of highly-regarded and experienced  investigators and detectives that are former Criminal Police officers and former law enforcement officials will guarantee the quality of provided detective and investigative services.  

Methods of investigation, time-scale and cost of the service will be agreed with the clients after thorough studying of the case by our detectives and investigators.

Contact Private detective agency “Mosinform” at: Elektrodnaya Street 2, building 13, office 323, Moscow, Russia.

Using public transport you can get to the metro station “Shosse Entuziastov” (1st exit to Elektrodnaya Street).

Call us on: +7 495 776 04 95 or +7 985 776 04 95 from 10.00 AM till 07.00 PM (Moscow time).

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